More sushi news

Mike Sullivan writes:

Dick Lee’s black sea bass aquaculture project is back on the front page this morning. Dick & Karrie“The Skinnie” magazine gave it a nice spread in last week’s issue. (A sample photo, featuring research assistant Karrie Brinkley, is at left.) The Skinnie is a good-looking magazine targeted amost exclusively towards the 8,000 or so residents of The Landings, an upscale, gated golf community that occupies most of the rest of Skidaway Island. The editor/publisher, Scott Lauretti, also serves on the Skidaway Marine Science Foundation Board of Trustees and is always willing to help us spread the word about what’s happening here on campus. You can read the entire article online at The Skinnie Web site.

We also are set up for a special “sushi taste test” next week. Dick would like some expert opinions on the taste difference between black sea bass raised on the diet of juvenile tilapia versus those raised on a traditional diet of food pellets. I put out an email to the campus community and our Foundation members and quickly filled our panel of 20 experts. (Sorry! Our test panel is now full. We will only have so much sushi to go around.) We’ll report back on the results of the taste challenge.


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