Skidaway Institute Seminar Series

Mike Sullivan writes:

The new superintendent of Gray’s Reef National Marine, George Sedberry, George Sedberrywill present the next program on the Skidaway Institute Seminar Series, on Tuesday, Sept 25, at 3:30 pm in the Skidaway Institute Library Auditorium. George will present a program on the “Charleston Bump” (That’s an underwater feature on the continental shelf — not a new dance.)

This will be George’s “introductory seminar” for the campus community and the general public.

More information is available on the Skidaway Institute Web site.

The Skidaway Institute Seminar Series presents periodic programs of interest to the scientific community and the general public. They are presented by our researchers and students and also various visiting scientists and students. If a visiting scientist is around for more than a couple of days, we usually ask them to present a seminar on whatever they are working on at the moment. As a non-scientist, I attend when I can and find many of them interesting. However, a warning is in order — many of the presentations are intended for working scientists. In those cases, they can be pretty tough to follow, unless you have a fairly strong background in science and its sometimes arcane vocabulary.

I don’t know at what level George will present his seminar on the 25th, but I suspect it won’t require a PhD to follow. Should be interesting.


One Response to “Skidaway Institute Seminar Series”

  1. George Sedberry Says:

    This seminar will have something for everyone, I hope. It is mostly descriptive–what the Bump is, where it is, and why many fish depend on it for food, shelter, spawning and transportation.

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