Sushi tasting a hit!

We had our informal sushi/sashimi tasting last Thursday evening, and it was a lot of fun.

Sushi PlateSome quick background — Professor Dick Lee wanted to see if there is any taste difference in sushi/sashimi made from black sea bass based on the diet the fish are fed. Dick raises black sea bass on a diet of juvenile tilapia. Does it taste better, worse or the same as food-pellet fed black sea bass or wild ocean black sea bass.

We put together a panel of self-professed sushi/sashimi lovers for an informal panel. Chef A.K. Tran of Sushi Time Towa restaurant here in Savannah prepared three trays of sushi which we identified only by A, B or C. Dick and research assistant Karrie Brinkley collected some subjective information on texture, smell, etc. However, a “show of hands” indicated the tilapia fed fish and the wild sea bass were tied for the favorite. The food pellet fed fish finished third. That was good news to Dick.

If you would like to see some pictures from the event, they are posted on the Skidaway Web site.


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