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Marc Frischer on morning radio program Thursday & Friday

July 28, 2016

Marc at WTKS w

Dr. Marc Frischer was a guest on the WTKS Radio morning show this morning to talk about black gill in shrimp. Thanks to Bill Edwards and Laura Picone for the invitation. They also taped a second interview which will be aired tomorrow morning. In Savannah, it’s 1290 on the AM dial.


Skidaway Institute receives research grant to study glacier carbon

January 25, 2012

Aron Stubbins

Skidaway Institute of Oceanography researchers Aron Stubbins and Marc Frischer have been awarded a research grant from the National Science Foundation for $224,037 to study the origins of organic carbon in glaciers. Stubbins and Frischer are part of an international team working on the two-year project.

Glaciers and ice sheets represent the second largest reservoir of water in the global hydrologic system. Although, the carbon contained in the glacial ice is a major contributor to the downstream ecosystems, the dynamics of glacial biogeochemistry are poorly understood. Much of the carbon has been thought to have come from ancient peat lands and forests overrun by the glaciers. However, recent research by Stubbins and his colleagues challenges that explanation. They hypothesize that the main source is atmospheric carbon from the combustion of fossil fuels and biomass.

Marc Frischer

The proposed work will determine the extent to which fossil fuels contribute to the dissolved organic material (DOM) in the glaciers. They will verify the age and stability of the glacial DOM and quantify the extent to which it is being exported to downstream ecosystems.

Stubbins and Frischer will be working with other scientists, including Robert Spencer, Woods Hole Research Center; Eran Hood, University of Alaska Southeast; Peter A. Raymond, Yale University; Greg Kok, Droplet Measurement Technologies; and Thorsten Dittmar, Max Planck Group for Marine Geochemistry, Oldenburg, Germany.


Packing Up – January 31, 2011

February 2, 2011

With all our samples collected today was spent processing samples and starting the long process of packing up the labs.

First, the two male students (Steve and Zac) hosted a pancake breakfast at their hut.

A welcome meal!

They earned major brownie points is all I can say. Besides it being an excellent meal, it was nice to be all together to savor a bit the final days of this trip and to inspire us to begin the tedious job of cleaning and packing everything up.

It’s so much effort to get ready for the trip; to set-up all our gear; and to collect samples — that it seems almost a shame to be putting everything away. But we got what we came for and now its time to think about getting back to the lab where the real science begins.

The sun was above the horizon for a little shy of 4 hours today.

Midday January 31, 2011

As I’ve mentioned before, a remarkable difference given that the sun made its first appearance of the year last week, and then for only a hour.  Today, as I was heading east to the BARC lab where we did our RNA extractions and which has served as home base for Zac and me, I almost needed to put on sunglasses. Wow!

Not too much else to report right now.  The day was spent gathering all our stuff which was spread across the relatively large NARL (Naval Arctic Research Lab) campus and washing it all. Tomorrow, when it is all warm and defrosted, we’ll carefully pack it up and put it back into storage until we need it again in the spring.